Investment Strategy

Being a real estate development and management company, we recognize the great importance to studiously plan the process of every single phase of a given project. Ceeref focuses on assets that provide multiple exit strategies, including private, one-of sales, portfolio sales, condo disposition, or mergers with existing private or public entities. The management team is constantly examining various exit alternatives for the realization of an investment while taking into account matters of timing, cost and return on investment together with environmental and internal considerations.


Our Management Team’s investment selection process encompasses all the factors relevant to the investment suitability decision:

  • the identification of opportunities with the help of professionals operating in the local markets who are well acquainted with developments in these markets
  • feasibility studies accompanied by a comprehensive survey in the course of which all the relevant parameters are examined
  • the selection of projects is based on the aspiration of IRR to optimize the risk/return profile of the Ceeref investments. As part of this process, stress testing of key assumptions and sensitivity analyses are conducted in order to identify risk factors and to assure the confidence levels in the yield forecast
  • special financing model is constructed for each project, integrating the company’s equity and different alternatives of debt financing from local financial institutions.



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